United Africa Group subscribes to the corporate governance principles of transparency, accountability, excellence, innovativeness and profitability.

We believe that pursuing efficiency while effectively managing business risks is essential to achieving sustainable improvement in corporate value.Besides our sound business acumen, our Board of Directors possesses a range of skills and understanding that enables the Group to deal with various business issues and have the ability to review and critique management performance.

The Directors also make sure that their roles and responsibilities are clearly defined and simple procedures such as internal and external auditing are implemented to independently verify the integrity and accuracy of the company’s financial systems on a yearly basis. Each Group subsidiary has a responsible manager accountable to the Group Chief Executive Officer and ultimately the Directors and Shareholders.

This chain of command ensures sound and transparent management and accountability.

Haddis Tilahun

Founder & Executive Director

The group's phenomenal success over the years has been due to Mr. Haddis Tilahun's mantra of "growth through quality, innovation and market consolidation". His focus on growth and development has enabled the group to develop projects that have improved and enhanced both the country and the human experience in Africa.

Dr Martha Namundjebo-Tilahun

Group Chairperson

Dr Namundjebo-Tilahun's focus is to pull together and leverage the strengths of large and small businesses both nationally and regionally. Her love for people has given her a name even in philanthropic activities in Namibia. Donations, education grants and the administration of pension grants have been part of her contributions into the society.

Willem Mouton

Group Chief Executive Officer

Willem’s specific competencies include business management and new business development from start-up to sustainability. He is also well experienced in the field of corporate finance after spending more than eleven years at Standard Bank and the BFS collectively.

Brian Robert Rubinstein

Chairman Group Executive Committee

Brian currently serves as the Chairman of the Group Executive Committee (ExCo). He previously served as the United Africa Group's Chief Executive Officer for nine years and has been instrumental in the conversion of the Group from being a diverse business to a strategic well poised tightly-run Group.

Lloyd Nzou

Group Chief Financial Officer

Lloyd Nzou was appointed as the Group CFO in 2014 after working in various strategic positions within the Group for over 10 years. Lloyd is a fully qualified Chartered Accountant (CA), with over 12 years experience in corporate finance.

Celeste Ngozu

Group Business Development Manager

Celeste has over 8 years experience in Business Administration and holds a MBA from Heidelberg University. Celeste is responsible for new and existing business development for the Group.

Natangwe Asser

Group Legal Advisor

Natangwe Asser is an admitted legal practitioner, who is responsible for providing the Group and its subsidaries with legal advice as well as ensure corporate governance principles are adhered too.

Halima Kyababa

Group Human Resources & Compliance Manager

Halima is responsible for ensuring compliance within the Group as well as strategically managing the day-to-day Human Resource portfolio.

Tobias Shinyongo

General Manager: Services

Tobias currently oversees the Group Services Portfolio which includes United Fire & Safety and United Travel Express.